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Alex Knapton Cup

Friday May 22nd is when we are holding the inaugural Alex Knapton Cup. It is a pairs greensopmes format this year. Both players take drives on every hole. The players choose the best drive and then it is alternate shots to finish each hole. The player whose drive is not chosen takes the next shot. The gross total for each hole is put in the scorecard.

At the end we take off the handicap to give us a final total per pair.

Prizes for 1st and 2nd and nearest the pin on all par 3's. Enjoy!

Competition Entries Online

You can enter all the senior competitions and friendies online or on the senior noticeboard in the clubhouse. Matches and competitions can be entered by using the drop down menu (or the 3 horizontal lines on a mobile) or you can click here.

Tee times for the friendlies are on the Team Selection tab or click here

Senior Captain 2021

Mick Rust takes over as Senior Captain in 2022.  His Vice- Captain is John Castel. 

Mick has already been heavily involved in 2021 as Mick Turner's vice-captain. He looks forward to plenty of support from all the seniors again this year and hope you all have a great and unencumbered year, be it competitions, matches or the greens. Keep an eye on the noticeboard, the whatsapp group and the website. Here's hoping for a full and productive golf season.

All the best.



Located at Caldecott Hall Fritton we have a good senior section and have many friendlies and competitions during the year.

There are several self run roll up groups who meet up regularly during the week so there should be a chance for every senior to play competitive golf and enjoy other company. New additions always welcomed by the seniors who run them. There is an 8 o'clock group and an 11 o'clock group, for example, on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays.

The course is very rarely closed and drains so well that even after a good spell of rain is still playable.


Facebook - click here to access the Seniors Facebook group for comment and news

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