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Winter Eclectic 1st Nov 2019 - 31st Mar 2020

The annual winter eclectic started again on the 1st November. 

Put your name in the book before going out and put the card in the brown seniors box opposite the notice board.


Just under two months left of this years competition and Geoff Edwards has moved a little further ahead in 1st place. Roger Rice has moved into 3rd place just behind Keith Townsend with Barry Needham dropping to 4th. Paul Harrison has moved into the top 10. The top 10 are covered by just over six strokes so a couple of good rounds on specific holes could see anyone win.

Twelve rounds only allowed. Prizes again for the 1st three places and a surprise prize for a selected hole. Click here for more details.

Senior Winter League.

A Final loss away to Diss 3.5 to 0.5 on Thu 13th Feb. I was quite optimistic but beaten by a better team on the day. Good effort by all.

Winter League is now finished for the year with just the Finals day to come.

Final League positions will be shown here as soon as I have them.


End of Season Finale. 

We have been asked to participate in Winter League Finale day on Thursday 5th March at Bungay & Waveney Valley Golf Club, 1st tee off 0900. Full handicap off yellow tees with no 2 players from the same club playing together. Lunch,  and prizes included. Cost will be £20.


Seniors' Player of the Year 2020



As this year's Seniors' Captain, I suggested at the AGM the introduction of a Player of the Year.

This will be judged on the 28 friendly fixtures we have, starting in March and running through to October and there will be a trophy presented to the winner.


Each player will be awarded 3 points for every match they win away, 2 points for winning at home and drawing away and 1 point for a home draw.

To be eligible, each player will have to play a minimum of 10 matches. We will then divide points into matches played to get an average. Therefore, players playing the most matches will not necessarily have an advantage.


Obviously, there could be an element of who you are drawn to play with giving an advantage, but hopefully, with careful selection, it should balance out in the long run.Please remember, this is a bit of fun only and not to be taken too seriously. Hopefully, this Competition will now run every year.


With regards to selection for friendly matches, we keep a list of who applies to play in all matches and we try to balance out selection in a fair, non-biased way. If anybody has special reasons for playing in particular matches, please ask and we will try and accommodate you.


Alex J Knapton, Seniors' Captain 2020

07932 164545

Senior Golf Opens

Have a look at the tab for Opens in our area. Also for the Senior Golf Association where you will find plenty of events to interest you in 2019.

Click here to go to the page

Senior Captain 2020

Alex Knapton takes over as Senior Captain in 2020.  His Vice- Captain is going to be Mick Turner. 


Alex has already been heavily involved in 2019 and along with Mick have plenty of enthusiasm and ideas all ready for the new season. They look forward to plenty of support from all the seniors and hope you all have a great year, whether playing in the team or just your regular games during the week. Alex is happy to listen to any ideas and suggestions you may want to raise during the season.

Located at Caldecott Hall Fritton we have a good senior section and have many friendlies and competitions during the year.

There are several self run roll up groups who meet up regularly during the week so there should be a chance for every senior to play competitive golf and enjoy other company. New additions always welcomed by the seniors who run them. There is an 8 o'clock group and an 11 o'clock group, for example, on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays.

The course is very rarely closed and drains so well that even after a good spell of rain is still playable.

Facebook - click here to access the Seniors Facebook group for comment and news

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