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To access the Golf and Country Club main site you can click the link below. That will give you access to membership levels, Barn Works as well as other information about the club and how it is run.    Caldecott Hall and Country Club

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Welcome to the Caldecott Hall Golf Club Members website.

Click on the relevant section below or use the dropdown menu on your laptop or the three lines (hamburger) on the top left when using a mobile or tablet. You can find all the information you will need on these pages.

Click here to go to the main club page for info on handicaps etc.


Playing with Covid-19


Bookings must be made before playing, through the BRS system. We have to follow the necessary protocols while we are under the threat of the Covid pandemic. 

When possible keep a social distance and have hand sanitiser ready to use whenever it feels necessary. Wash your hands before and after the game. Look out for updated information as it starts to change.

For updated information click on this link


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